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Feb 15

Surgery to enhance your breasts is not the safest and most affordable to make your breasts bigger.

Whether it be a matter of cost, a matter of not liking the idea of cosmetic surgery or simply a want to develop your body in a natural way.

It is every woman’s choice and for those who are not a fan for the reasons mentioned above, there are other options.

Yes there are paddings you can use which can help accentuate the appearance of your breasts. There is clothing whereby
the designs give your bosoms a more ample shaping through how your breasts are supported.

But there is another option. Exercise. Not just generic exercise but specific exercises that will make your breasts
bigger. These are the hard option. Not hard because it is not attainable.

But simply because of the level of effort that goes into it. Anyone looking to achieve anything from exercise must be willing to make sacrifices.


The main benefit of this is that firstly the effects will be natural, safe and somewhat log term. Bra padding and the right kind of support may give you a different feel temporarily, but they will not give you that overall feeling of actually having bigger breasts.

If you want bigger breasts it is a better motivation to be doing it for your own self-worth, as opposed to how you hope the world will perceive you.

The second major benefit is that not only will you save money that you would have otherwise have handed over to a cosmetic
surgeon and still have no guarantee you will be happy with the results, but you will also avoid the discomfort, worry, and stress that could well associate itself with such an operation.

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Here are 3 strong exercises to make your breasts bigger:

The Shoulder-Tap Push-Up

Get into the generic push-up position.
Palms need to be flat on the ground and your hands spread apart; wider than your shoulders.

Once you are comfortable and in position, ensure that your body is in a straight line. Commence the normal push-up technique of lowering your body and allowing your elbows to point back towards your feet.

After each push-up, reach your right hand across to your left shoulder and tap it briefly. It is not about force or how
long you can keep your hand on the shoulder, it is simply a matter of making contact.

The same principle will then follow with the left hand. Let your left hand reach across to your right shoulder and tap briefly. Repeat the process of push-up followed by a tap on both shoulders.

Do this 4 times a day with 15 repetitions 5 days a week.

For a video example check it out below:



The Plank Walk

With your wrists situated directly underneath your shoulders and your palms flat on the ground, your body straight
and your feet shoulder width apart from each other, you are now in position.

Keeping your arms and legs straight, move your left foot to the left in unison with your left hand and allow your right
foot and hand to follow suit. Then move back to the center and follow the same process but on the other side. So move your right foot and hand across and let your left foot and hand follow. Once you move back into the center that is one rep completed.
Do 4 sets of these each day 5 times a week untile you are tired. this will give your breasts a workout.

Rounding Your Shoulders

Another good exercise to assist in endeavoring to make your breasts bigger is this simple but effective exercise.
Lie facedown on your exercise mat. Allow your arms to stretch out in front of  you and stretch your fingers in turn., with your palms flat out nut not touching the ground.

As you move your elbows back and forth, squeeze your shoulder blades together. As you are moving your elbows back, lift
your chest up as far as you can without straining your back muscles. These motions together, constitute a single rep.

Do this 4 sets a day 5 times a week. with each set being 15.

For more exercises and tips check this video out :


These exercises are examples as to the type of exercises that will enhance your breasts. Hope that does it for you. Action is what is going to bring results.

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Happy Exercising!!