Fashion Tips On How To Make Your Breast Look Bigger

Fashion Tips on How to Make Your Breast Look Bigger

how to make your breast look bigger

Find below some ways on how to make your breast look bigger. It is a truth universally acknowledged that bigger breasts make a woman more appealing. Most women are constantly looking to improve their God-given good looks, from new makeup techniques to buying whole new wardrobes and nothing is as quintessentially female as breasts. Not only do bigger breasts give women a more alluring appearance, they also give women an
ego boost.

Some women resort to plastic surgery to get bigger breasts permanently. However, not every women likes or can afford to take such permanent measures as plastic surgery to get their dream breasts. Some might simply be hesitant of the end results to even think of getting plastic surgery for breast enlargement. Whatever the reason, it is always a good idea to try out the bigger-boob look if only to paint the town red.

Whether you are considering making a permanent switch or simply looking to better fill out that sexy dress you bought, here are a few tried and trusted tips on how to make your breasts look bigger:


  1. Posture for your puppies

Remember your mother or teacher reminding you to sit up straight? They had your back. Posture is the number one key for
making your boobs look bigger without much effort on your part. Don’t believe us? Take the posture test right now.

Stand sideways in front of your mirror like your regularly stand. Now straighten your back and squeeze your shoulder blades
slightly together while positioning your head directly above your heart. This would make your clothes drape more attractively on your body and make you seem taller too.

Good posture gives you a leaner and sleeker look and help you fit better in shirts and dresses alike. For those who suffer from bad posture, we recommend a daily dose of yoga to see visible results.

  1. Push-up those babies

Push-up bra is a no-brainer when it comes to enhancing your décolletage. Not only do they come with an extra padding, but
they are specially designed to enhance the way your breasts look. Getting the right push-up bra is the key to enhancing your look. A bra-even a push-up one-that does not fit well is not doing you any favours. Get the right fit for your body and your babies can go up two cup sizes!

  1. Contouring

This one is a must try for the ladies who are handy with a makeup brush. Just like a little highlighter and bronzer can work
wonders in enhancing your cheekbones, it can also work miracles in giving your cleavage an added definition. To use this trick successfully, get the right shades for your cleavage and practice profusely rather than just before your big date. You can also watch tones of YouTube tutorials on cleavage contouring to get an idea of the basics. But remember to blend and blend well.

  1. Clothes Selection

Just like clothing can be flattering for your body, they can also be flattering for your breasts. There are a number of things
to be kept in mind when you go clothes shopping with the aim of enhancing your boobs. Remember to draw attention to your upper body to make your boobs look bigger. You should also pick out clothes that make your waist look narrower, making your breasts look bigger by contrast. Avoid form-fitting clothes that squeeze your bust instead of enhancing it.

When in doubt, think ruffled tops, bustier tops, bodysuits, horizontal stripes and empire-line clothing.


  1. Take a go at extra padding

There are a number of padding options available for women in addition to the push-up bra. Fashion industry has made
headway in giving the ladies a temporary extra padding so that women can fill out that perfect dress just right. There are a number of bra inserts available in the market that advertise a guaranteed increase in cup size. We suggest tucking these little helpers under your breasts and slightly to the side to enhance you cleavage.


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